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Testimonials and Studies

Dr M. Hariet Allen


I am a counseling psychiatrist and have spent my entire career working with children, kindergarten through high school, in the public schools throughout Boston. Although the problems varied and were of different magnitudes, I found that individual counseling need not be so focused, but often a gentler approach was needed to access their inner feelings, so consequently, I employed play therapy through games and adventure challenges and affirmations. The Little Doves products would fit right into my philosophy and should be part of every counseling avenue to help children feel successful and unique.

Little Doves would serve as a welcome addition to enhance counselor’s goals. It taps into a multitude of skill choices that I feel would be very meaningful to the child and the individual working with the child. I see merit in a group approach as well as individual.

I taught group procedures courses at the university level and thus you can imagine I would be very committed to that approach and its value, and I believe Little Doves Products would lend themselves beautifully to group sharing.

I am more than happy to endorse this special approach to individual affirmations through creativity and imagination.

It was my pleasure to review your beautiful and meaningful Little Doves Products.

Mary Hughes

Special Needs Assistant - Ireland

I have been using the Little Doves Program for the last academic year with a group of children aged from 5 to 10 years. I have found the program very easy to use, it opens discussions in a soft and gentle way. The children have responded so well. It has helped them to open up and talk about their feelings and has given them confidence in themselves. It has made a significant impact on their behavior in the class and as a result, they are doing better in their tests.

I can’t recommend this program enough. I would love to see it on the program for every school.

Phyllis Simonetta


Ann has created a beautiful set of affirmation teaching tools for children. The affirmation workbook is vividly appealing and appropriately designed for various skill levels. The affirmation cards are simple and thoughtful and have limitless possibilities to connect children with an inner sense of self worth, self value and healthy self esteem. These tools used together or separately are an easy and fun way to spark an awareness in the minds and hearts of children for being compassionate, empathetic and appreciative people.

Note from a Mom

Being in the mental health field, I can definitely see these books being beneficial resources for children suffering from anxiety and depression due to low self-esteem. I like that there is repetition in the books with reading the affirmation, having to trace, unscramble, and color in the letters. Then there is a short activity/question that pertains to each affirmation that is also relevant in making the affirmation part of the long-term memory.

Book Reviews


These 3 workbooks where given to me for my daughter, she loved using them they really help her with dealing with her emotions and self-esteem, the also have a set of affirmation cards that work well with the workbook so every day she has a new affirmation, my three children loved these, my older son has dyslexia and he found that the workbooks where very easy to understand and enjoyed helping his little sister with them, I would definitely recommend these workbooks, I even bought them for my Niece and hope she will get all the benefits from them like my children did we all need a bit of positivity in our lives.

Anonymous – Barnes & Noble


Fun and Engaging

Have all 3 workbooks and my kids ages 4, 7 and 9 love working with them and the affirmation cards! They really love the colorful characters, and the messages are a great conversation starter. Fun and engaging way to connect with your children and discuss feelings.

TTMC – Barnes & Noble


Mindfulness Book Series For Children

Absolutely love this set of workbooks (with sweet cards) teaching children how to be mindful. Have kind. I’m a firm believer that children who are taught good morals grow up to be empathetic adults. Ann’s series is a wonderful place to start in teaching children how to be confident, compassionate human beings. Highly recommend! ♡♡♡

A Warren – Barnes & Noble

We have all 3 workbooks and the little doves affirmation cards and my kids love them! My 6 and 8yr old enjoy the exercises – I like that they can do them together. They love the characters and the messages are great conversation starters. My 4yr old enjoys using the deck of cards with her older siblings and she is almost ready for her own set of workbooks!

This workbook series is a fun and engaging way to explore feelings and emotions with children, while also promoting self-confidence!

Anonymous – Amazon


I absolutely love this workbook! All of the information is presented in a way that is understandable and very engaging for my child. We love reading it and doing the activities together! I even feel like I’m learning something.


This is a great workbook to help little kids become more confident in themselves. So easy for them to understand and helps them share and show kindness to others.

Mary McCabe

Such a beautiful workbook (with cards) to teach children about the importance of being kind, and how to respond when faced with someone who is not. Excellent tool for kids who need a gentle lesson in positive self-esteem and confidence, teaches kids the skill of mindfulness with actions and words. Illustrations are lovely, engaging and age appropriate for grade school children. Can’t recommend enough!