Create Feelings of Love and Peace


Create Feelings of Love and Peace

Little Doves Affirmation Workbooks

Little Doves Workbooks are designed to help children (ages 4-8) build self-esteem and increase self-confidence.

Little Doves Affirmation Workbook 1 is the first workbook in the series and is the first introduction to the Little Doves characters and positive and uplifting affirmations to help children begin to build confidence.

Little Doves Affirmation Workbook 2 is the second workbook in the series to help reinforce positive messages and encourage children to continue developing a positive mindset. The Little Doves characters delivers positive and uplifting affirmations to encourage developing a positive mindset as well as helping children to learn about themselves and their feelings.

Little Doves Affirmation Workbook 3 is the third and final book in this series and continues to encourage your child to use positive thoughts and feelings about themselves. It also helps them to understand how feeling good about themselves, projects confidence and supports how they treat others.

This series of 3 affirmation workbooks, featuring the Little Doves characters contains pages filled with positive statements, and creative exercises to initiate and strengthen your child’s positive self-talk.

Parents will witness their child’s confidence soar as they embrace encouraging thoughts and feelings about themselves.

These workbooks can be used with the Little Doves Affirmation Cards designed to reinforce the messaging from all of the Little Doves Affirmation Workbooks. The cards can be used for years to come to reinforce self-awareness and build self-confidence and self-esteem.

Using these affirmation workbooks will help your child:

  • To use affirmations throughout their day.
  • Display confident body language.
  • Believe in themselves and others
  • Be mindful of their actions and words

Little Doves Affirmation Cards

Affirmation cards are beautiful, positive statements. Simply having a child pick a card and state the affirmation is a powerful tool to help them feel special. Pull a card daily and watch your child’s spirit soar, their confidence grow and their unique self-shine!