Create Feelings of Love and Peace


Benefits of Working with Little Doves Products and Meditations


• Builds self-confidence, self-esteem, and sense of self-worth.
• Creates feelings of love and peace.
• Strengthens teamwork and communication.
• Enables children to connect with their feelings.
• Promotes good feelings about themselves and others.
• Helps them feel secure within themselves and be more accepting of others.
• Gives them a positive outlook and creates a positive environment.
• Reduces anxiety and promotes better sleep patterns.

Little Doves Affirmation Workbook

See above Sample Workbook pages

The Little Dove’s affirmation workbook is designed to work beautifully with the Little Doves affirmation cards or it can be used on its own. Throughout the Little Doves affirmation workbook, there are many family and group exercises as well as exercises for the child to do alone. They are designed to encourage the child, group or family to connect and to get involved and see how they can make a difference as well as connecting with how they are feeling and what their thoughts are. Each positive affirmation can help the child feel good about who they are!

Little Doves Affirmation Cards

Affirmation cards are beautiful, positive statements. Simply having a child pick a card and state the affirmation is a powerful tool to help them feel special. Pull a card daily and watch your child’s spirit soar, their confidence grow and their unique self-shine!