Welcome! I am truly honored to support you and your child.

Little Doves offers two distinct types of services for children: mindfulness & activity sessions and reiki sessions which you can book online using the buttons below. Both types of sessions are offered by appointment, in-person at our location in Pembroke, MA.

Mindfulness Coaching & Activity SessionReiki Session

“Ann’s reiki treatment takes away all my frustration, sadness and negativity away. It relaxes me and makes me feel calm and refreshed and good inside. I wish I could have a treatment everyday as they make me feel so positive and good about myself.  Thank you Ann for your healing hands.”

– Sean, Age 12

About Reiki for Children

Reiki is a non-invasive energy technique and is safe for children to receive. Reiki can enhance confidence, self-esteem, focus, academic performance, relaxation, and sleep.

Why Reiki and Mindfulness Coaching for Children is Important:

  • Kids are constantly learning new things; their minds are on overdrive and our everyday lives have become so busy and stressful that it filters down to the children.
  • Children have to deal with many issues and they often bottle up their fears, and worries, causing them anxiety so as to not cause upset or worry to those around them.
  • As parents and guardians, you do your best to protect your children from life’s problems but children are very perceptive and they can pick up on changes within you and their environment very easily.
  • Everyday things that we don’t even think about can be stressful for a child, things like the arrival of a new brother or sister, potty training, going to school, making new friends, changing class and getting a new teacher every year, the pressure to do well both in school and in activities.
  • The loss of a family member, separation, or divorce has a great impact on a child, and as adults going through these hard times, we might not be able to see the full impact it has on the child.

“I recommend Little Doves to children and teenagers. During childhood, we go through so many trials may it be social or academic. Who needs stagnant or closed chakras getting in our way and adding to the problems? Having open chakras changed my energy level so much and with every class I felt more confident. I simply couldn’t wait to go back to experience more of the meditations! As I learned how to block others imposing energy I was able to concentrate better during school and was also enabled to focus more on myself.”

– Olivia, Age 14